Our values


Social and accessible

An app that makes it social, easy and fun to save and invest for everyone, regardless of income. Spiff is easy to understand and puts you directly in charge of your savings from your smartphone; when you want to save, what you want for, how often, and how much. All in one place. Save with friends, family, and for yourself. It's up to you!


We challenge the ice cold banking world from even colder Norway with our tech, design and supersonic speed. We laugh a lot, discuss a lot, and care about doing what's right - we're trying our best to make the world a better place. A wise woman once said 'Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something'. We agree!

Financial equality

You don't have to be an economist to save with Spiff. Today, the wealthy get wealthier, while most people don't take part in the same value creation. This is especially true for women, who both earn and invest less than men. That's why we need tools that make saving and investing more accessible for everyone! 

Free and secure

Spiff is free to use. No hidden fees. Saving money with Spiff does not require you to change your bank, and we offer bank-level security together with our partners.


Our team



Carl-Nicolai Wessmann

Co-Founder & CEO


Steve Mellbye-Stølen

Co-Founder & CFO


Tanya Hirst

Product Designer


Ada Martini Strøm

SoMe & Blog Manager


Svein H. Halvorsen

Engineer & Co-Founder (with Fink)


Alexander S. Frang

Data Science Intern


Hans Petter Eikemo



Mildrid Raade

Project Manager


Andreas Øverland

Developer & Co-Founder (with Fink)


Camilla Kim Kielland

PR / Brand Advisor & Investor

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