Hey, Spiffers

Big news! Spiff just raised NOK 1.3 million to speed up the process to launch in Norway, and we strengthened our tech team with the great guys from Fink! Enjoy the read!

Awesome investors

We build a product for women, so it makes sense to want women on-board. However, there are actually very few women that make angel investments today. That's why we're incredibly excited to introduce our first female angel investors.

Meet Silvija Seres and Mildrid Raade. Silvija is an experienced tech investor, and mathematician who sits on several boards, amongst them Nordea. Mildrid is an angel investor and an experienced marketing strategist. She recently completed her executive MBA thesis on disruption in banking, that's how she met Spiff!

Also joining the Spiff family, is long-time McKinsey partner and experienced investor Trond Riiber Knudsen, existing investors Sverre Munck and Spring Holding. We also have Harvard classmates of Calle, Sameer Sait and David Bergman with us, as well as a group of private investors.

Click here to read how Trond Riiber Knudsen chooses his angel investments in startups (DN)

Click here for an interview with our CEO Calle about the new funding and Spiff (Shifter)

Both articles in Norwegian

New tech team !

To launch a great product you need great people to build it! This is why we are so excited to welcome


as co-founders of Spiff. Fink is a pretty amazing developer company. They count six great guys with experience from native mobile, web and backend for Telenor, Appear.in, Microsoft, GeoData, and Encap Security.

No doubt these guys really know how to build stuff (and they named their company after a bird!). Welcome Andreas Øverland, Kristoffer Stenersen, Morten Ryum, Per Erik Finstad, Marius Flagstad, Svein Halvor Halvorsen to our spiffing universe.


Fink will be in charge of engineering in Spiff, and to start, Svein Halvorsen (pictured) will be their full-time man in the Spiff team from August 1st. He's been making apps for the iPone since before there was even an App Store.

Try his latest app 'Dukkert' in the App Store, and check the water temperature before you go swimming this summer!

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Enjoy the summer!

Spiffy hugs,

The Spiff team!