Spiff meets Anita Krohn Traaseth

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Meet Anita Krohn Traaseth aka. ‘Tinteguri’, CEO of Innovation Norway. This impressive front figure and author of bestseller ‘Good enough for the bastards”, gave us a minute of her time to discuss Spiff, savings, and the new generation of innovation in Norway. She also shared some valuable career-advice, while giving us a peak inside her personal life.



Name: Anita Krohn Traaseth

Age: 44

Occupation: CEO, Innovation Norway

Work experience: 18 years in the private ICT and tech industry, soon 2 years in the public sector running Innovation Norway

Education: NMH, BI, certified in strategy and innovation at MIT, Leadership development at Harvard

Current city and place you grew up: Oslo (grew up in Sandefjord)

Fun fact about yourself: I’m a former disco dancer from the 80’s ;)

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Hi Anita! Thank you for giving Spiff a moment of your time! How are you today?

Today it’s Sunday and I’ve spent it with my close family, doing nothing but eat, talk and relax together.

That sounds wonderful. Happy to hear you had some time off! Do you mind telling us how you were first introduced to the Spiff app?

I was first introduced to Spiff at the Nordic FinTech conference in Copenhagen.

That’s right. At Spiff we focus on women aged 25-35, because we believe they deserve new financial tools. Why do you think this is an important target audience?

Because there are too few female investors in the world, and the potential in engaging women is huge! I’m potentially one of them.

We love hearing that. What are you most curious about when it comes to Spiff?

I’m curious about the user experience, as well as seeing how it will be received by the target group. It will be interesting to see what it leads to of results in investments, made by women.

What about yourself, do you save and invest money today?

No, I don’t have any investments. In my job, not having any investments in companies makes my role more compliant to all the companies my work is investing in.

That makes sense…  Best personal saving tip though?

Well, I’m not the biggest saver. I shouldn’t give advice on savings. But one thing I can say, keep away from credit cards. Spend only the money you have.

Thank you. What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

From Harald Norvik (former CEO of Statoil) many years ago, when I was around 30: “Don’t plan your career. Do a great job where you are, and opportunities will come to you. Say yes then.”

Looking back, what career and life advice would you have given your 20 year old self?

Make your own choices, learn and stand by them. It’s never too late to change, to develop. Go for the opportunities you believe you’ll never reach.

What career and educational advice would you give young women today?

Follow your own path. Don’t listen to other people’s expectations and most important, don’t set limits for yourself.

Great advice. What are some of the latest trends you see happening in the Norwegian Fintech industry these days?

  • Powercoupling, large institutions buying and cooperating with new fintech startups
  • Securityfocus
  • New incubators for FinTech

As the CEO of Innovation Norway, one must ask… have you ever thought about starting something yourself one day?

I sure have. It’s never too late, and the old ones have a higher success-rate when they start companies. One day.


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