Save for what you want, with who you want!

Spiff is a new Norwegian savings app. It’s smart, making saving money simple and social

Smart saving habits

Festive season with family? A trip to Tokyo with friends? Your first home? Or a rainy day? Good habits take time, so gather all your smart savings in one place with Spiff.

Include friends and family

Some things are better together. Luckily it’s easy breezy to save for shared goals with Spiff.

Recurring deposits or single transactions

Save now, save monthly, save whenever you want! Boost your plans with single amounts or grow your money regularly with monthly deposits.

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Spiff works no matter where you bank

Connect a bank card to save. Your money is saved in your own Spiff account, with our partner BN Bank. 

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Spiff is totally free! No hidden fees

Spiff is free to use and you get good interest on your money too! More information about the interest rate offered coming soon.

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Spiff is secure

Our top priority is to keep your money safe. Spiff provides BankID for a secure and instant authentication process. All savings are secured under The Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund through our bank partner, BN Bank.

Spiff is currently available only in Norway. We will expand to more countries soon.