New feature in Spiff! đŸ”„

Save more? Check out our brand new feature, Spiff Drips!

What is Spiff Drips?

Our new feature Spiff Drips is a modernised cashback solution, which enables Spiffers to earn extra money towards savings, through our carefully selected partners. The feature is called Spiff Drips, because you as a Spiff user can get small savings drips daily from our partners straight into the Spiff app!

How can I save more with Drips?

Simply put, you now have the opportunity to save a little more money through our Spiff Drips partners. Your savings get boosted, as a reward for being a customer of one or more of our partners, or for being a supersaver in Spiff.

You get access to Spiff Drips and connect to partners in the Spiff app.

What Spiff Drips partners are there today?

Spiff Drips is now live as a pilot, to test the functionality of the service with some of our users. In the pilot phase, you have the opportunity to connect to our partners Tibber and OBOS membership, in addition to Spiff.

Curious to learn more about Spiff Drips as a partner? Email us at

See more and try Spiff Drips here 👇

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