Who run the world? Educators 👊🏽

The future brings new tools, habits and social behaviors. Who sits first row to watch this development take place in our society? Teachers. That’s why we at Spiff are so curious about what a young teacher from Oslo predicts about the future, as well as our relationship with money, technology and friendships.

Charismatic Henni Forsberg works as a teacher in the capital of Norway, and we truly admire the work she does for her students. We couldn’t be prouder to have her on board as a future user of Spiff, and we hope you enjoy our open and honest chat below.


Name: Henni Forsberg

Age: 27

Occupation: Teacher

Location: Oslo, Norway

Fun fact about yourself: I love to go to bed early! My friends mock me for this and tell me I behave like their grandmothers.

Hei Henni! Thank you so much for taking a minute to speak with us at Spiff. How are you today?

I’m good, thanks for asking. A bit tired after 12 hours of work though! My colleagues and I have spent the evening planning a technology and design project for the whole school.

Oh cool! Do you mind telling us a little bit about your life and how you became a teacher?

I’m pretty sure I decided to become a teacher near the end of high school. I remember that I tried to figure out what I was good at, and what I liked the most. I concluded that presentations had always been my thing, I didn’t want an office job, and teaching seemed like fun. Also, my parents always said that as long as I had an education as a safety net, I could do whatever I wanted. I decided to study to become a teacher, and if I didn’t like it I would do something else. However, I really like my job, so I’m definitely not quitting any time soon!

Being a teacher is super busy and hectic, and you can never have a ‘bad day’ (not in front of the kids at least), but in return the days and weeks go by so fast. You’re never bored.! I also can’t complain about the 7 week long summer vacation… (editor’s note : sounds nice!)

This winter I’m taking up snowboarding again and actually ended up working for something called ‘Burton Mountain Festival’ as well. I’m really looking forward to this and think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

So interesting! Now tell us… You teach young kids a variety of subjects every single day. At the same time, do they ever teach you new things about life?

Absolutely! I am lucky to work at a school with so many different and cool kids. Our class represents different countries, religions and backgrounds, which are all being brought into the classroom. Obviously these kids know stuff about the world that I don’t!

Love it. Do you see any distinct differences between your own childhood and the way the world works for your students today?

I think the obvious answer to that is technology. I often think that I’m lucky that I didn’t have to grow up with social media.

If I’m going to compare my childhood to the kids at the school I’m working at now, I have to say that they are a lot tougher than I was as a kid, and maybe more open minded too because of the variety of kids at the school.

You reflections truly inspire us. Do you ever feel like a role model?

I don’t think about it a lot, but I hope that I am. We spend a lot of time working on values, and it’s a great feeling when you see the kids take care of each other, help and support each other. It’s not that fun when they don’t do this, but that’s what we’re working on! The best feeling in the world is when you feel that you’ve had a really good class, where everyone understood something and felt that they managed and had fun at the same time.

That’s beautiful. As you know, we are creating a social app for saving and investing money. Do you think this could be the future?

Of course it is! The kids today love their cellphones and all kinds of apps. When Spiff makes it social and fun to save money, this is going to motivate in a whole new way for them and the rest of us. Definitely the future of saving!

Glad you think so! On a personal note… what would you use Spiff for?

I like the idea that you can save money together with other people. I can’t wait to use Spiff to save up for a girls trip in the summer! I also have two nieces and a nephew, so maybe I can help them save for something important instead of always buying toys that they don’t really need.