SICK SALES! Just the cure you need for those January blues 🤔

Uhm, no thank you!


Why is it that at the beginning of every year we feel motivated, hopeful and ready to start over. Is it the idea of a clean slate or is January helping us feel positive and full of motivation? What happens after a while? Why is it that this great mindset has a tendency to pass?

If you’re anything like us, things are looking really great these days. You’ve cleaned out your closet and made a budget for the New Year. Also, the dark days help you stay inside while saving energy and money.

Suddenly, a variety of sales start popping up all around us.

January. Great deals. Time to take advantage of those amazingly cheap electronics, clothes, furniture and food, right?


No. Stay strong, we are here to guide you. Let us inspire you to steer away from shopping and over-consuming. Christmas just came to an end; leave your well-earned money alone for some time!

Don’t be tempted by sales

  • Did you already plan to buy that perfect sofa this January? Did you include the sofa in your budget? No? Don’t do anything on impulse. The flashy bright letters screaming (*) SALES(*) at you everywhere these days are made to manipulate you to buy on an impulse. Our opinion? If you didn’t know you needed this or that item earlier today, you probably won’t need it tomorrow either.

Reward yourself

  • You already made that perfect 2017 budget (if you didn’t, do it now). Don’t let January be the first month to overdraft your budget! Instead, every time you manage not to fall for a great deal, give your self a reward. Put money in your piggybank, or set money aside to start saving with Spiff. Reward yourself with the gift of saving! You will thank us later.

Make it visual

  • Make a drawing of yourself and something you will buy when you save up enough money. Make it big and stick it on the fridge. We seriously doubt there will be any pictures of you and a new pair of Levis jeans in your kitchen. Think bigger. A mortgage? A house? A bank full of money for the future? Draw it, hang it up and give yourself a daily reminder about what really matters to you.

Leave your credit card at home

  • 'Today I will only spend 50 kroner’. Ever tried giving yourself limited cash to spend throughout the day? It’s highly effective! Especially when you walk past a million tempting stores on your way home from work! No money? No dilemma! Sometimes, it can be really helpful to treat yourself like a child!