5 women you already know, and their secret holiday tips!

Since you seem to love our interviews and money-saving tips a little bit, we added the two together for our very first December blogpost! You’ve met all of these superwomen before, but today we are here to pick their brain on something a quite different...

🍃 Winter celebrations🍃

Do they stress about getting everything done on time? How do they plan everything financially? Enjoy our seasonal piece today, with some fresh and inspiring tips from a few of the women we have introduced you to this past year on the  blog.

June Holm


My top financial tip for the holiday season is to think twice about everything. There are plenty exciting events you can enjoy, without spending a fortune. Look up concerts, debates, christmas-markets, lighting of christmas-trees, and decorating workshops. Get creative and spend time some time to look for local events! I often use Facebook to look for fun things to do nearby. Most of it is free of charge or by donation! This week I've been to a standup-show, a christmas-market and at a debate. The dark days get really cosy, and you can meet new and interesting people you would have never met in your regular social network!  A few days ago i met someone who introduced me to a new and genius app. 'Too good to go' is a concept where you can pick up food from resturants, hotels and coffee-shops right before they close. This is quality food, that would normally go to waste. You get a suprise package with great treats for just a few dollars! Great tip for anyone who wants to save money and help the environment!

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Rikke Iversen


My very best tip for the season is to shop online! Shopping online enables you to find the best deals out there, and have the christmas-gifts delivered straight to your door. Hassle-free and wonderful, I simply love the concept. Who has time to run around and look for gifts forever?

Meet Rikke!

Xi Liu


I really dislike the pressure of procuring a present just for an event. So I’m always on the hunt for good presents throughout the year, especially when I’m traveling and have access to interesting items. It’s always nice to receive presents without an occasion!

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Marie Ameln


My best saving tip for the holiday is, of course, to rent the perfect outfits on FJONG instead of buying them. They you have the possibility to look more fab than on every Christmas party you go to, simultaneously as saving money and the world. Also when it comes to Christmas gifts; I am fan of consumable gifts (we also sell gift cards at FJONG;) ), not gifts that just end up taking up even more space in your closet or home. I challenge everyone to make a New Year’s resolution to change a habit that is overall more sustainable, and do not necessarily reduce your quality of life (..I admit I have one particular idea in mind..). Merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year!

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Nathalie Lystad

Make a list before you go out for Christmas shopping to avoid buying gifts on impulse. Or how about trying a gift-free Christmas this year?

Avoid all the stress, save all the money, and spend your time and energy on friends and family instead.

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Happy December!

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