Only six more Fridays till Christmas !

Wow! The Holidays are coming. We know Christmas should be all about family and fun, but we also know it can cost you a fortune. That is why we have put our heads together at Team Spiff, in order to create some helpful tips for the season ahead.

Let’s save some money, remove a few stress-factors, and get more energy to focus on what really matters. The food. Uhm, nope, your loved ones!

  1. Start early

As with most things in life, planning ahead is going to save you some serious cash. There is nothing worse than running around the day before Christmas like a headless chicken, desperate to find gifts and groceries. Start thinking about what you need today. We promise your our wallet and stress-free head will thank you later!

  1. Make several lists

Organize the chaos by creating different lists. Who is getting what for Christmas? What is your total budget? Use a spreadsheet, and fill in as you start shopping. It will be easier to stay on budget, and you won’t be negatively surprised by the end of December.

  1. Take advantage of the Internet

Do research and compare deals. It is much easier to find great deals online, compared to running around at the local mall. Who has free shipping? Is there a code you can use at checkout? We recently discovered ‘Honey’ an amazing (and free) app, which automatically applies the best coupons to all online shopping-sites. Finding great deals online have never been easier!

  1. Kids over parents

A great tradition we just heard of is to ban gifts for grownups. Let’s say you have two siblings and they both have kids. Instead of getting presents for everyone, focus on the kids. Take initiative to start this tradition in your own family, and see how happy it is going to make everyone.

  1. Cyber-Monday

Thanks to the American thanksgiving, we have now Cyber-Monday. Make sure you sit by your computer on Monday the 28th of November, as stores worldwide drop their prices and share great saving-deals for everyone. Free shipping, holiday-deals and other goodies can be found, and you may end up saving a lot of money if you shop wisely.


Good luck preparing and have fun. Please comment below if you have any other great tips to share!

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