A new generation investment advisors? Hello Aktietjejerna!


Aktiejejerna (The stock girls) are on a mission to engage more women to invest in stocks at the stockmarket. The informative and fun Instagram-profile caught our attention months ago, and after discovering Aktietjejerna’s blog and twitter, we knew we had to get a hold of these creative and intelligent minds.


Founded: 2016

Location: Western parts of Sweden

Mission: Engage more women to invest in stocks at the stock market.

Dear Aktietjejerna, thank you for telling us a little bit more about yourself! What is the story behind aktietjejerna?

We were four girlfriends sitting down talking about everything between heaven and earth. At one moment we stumbled upon the topic personal economy, something we rarely (almost never) talked about. It all became very uncomfortable…

Why is that? - we all asked ourselves. Our male friends often converse about such things in a very casual way, and we should be able to do the same, in order to share experience and knowledge. Only one of us owned stocks but she had only just started her portfolio.

After some research among our female friends, we noticed that many quickly changed the subject when economy came up for discussion. Is this based on a lack of knowledge and experience? However, the consequence is obvious; a negative spiral where women never will learn or gain understanding about investments.


The fact is, economy and investments are not as complicated as many people think, so we got the idea to wrap the information in a more female approach. Our target-group often read blogs, online magazines and popular Instagram-profiles. We wanted to create online channels that can be compared to these. Simply, information that already exist but in a new, pink and glossy format!

What an interesting story! What would you say is the most inspiring part of working on this project?

As we make posts on Instagram, Twitter and our blog, we notice that many women react the way we used to do ourselves. Girls engage in our topics, asks questions, share stories and support each other. So lovely and inspiring !

So inspiring, indeed! Have you noticed any improvements in the world of finance after you started Aktietjejerna?

Yes, it feels like it has become a hot topic! Since we started there has been a wave with similar profiles on social media striving towards the same goal as us; to get more women to the stock market and to gain knowledge in investments.

Instead of looking at these as competitors we support them all and we love that more people try to create equality at the stock market. High five for that!

We are definitely on the right track, even though we still have a mountain to climb in order to reach an equal stock market.


What do you hope to achieve through your online presence?

In the long run: an equalized stock market, which is adapted to both women and men.

In nearer future: our online presence enables us to reach out to a massive amount of women (and men of course), where we can easily answer questions and response quickly when people engage in the topics we enlighten. We want to create an online environment where information about investments feels simple and not scary.

We love to hear this. At Spiff, we believe in equal opportunities for all. Everyone deserves the right to be in charge of his or her own future, regardless of gender, race, income, geography and wealth. Unfortunately, this is not how the world works today. We want more female investors, because we believe women hold the key to a better world. What are your thoughts on women as sustainable investors?

This question is in some what contradictory because we don’t like to judge people based on which gender they have, along with that our actions and generalizations. Our mission is to open opportunities to a more equal stock market, where both women and men work together on equal terms, and from that can benefit from each other’s differences.

We believe that all of us hold the key to a better world, if we work with the right mindset where equality is a matter of course, and that can not be determined by which gender you might have. Strong people and true role models lift others up and bring people together. We think that the highest level of a sustainable environment and world is reached when women and men start to work together, the differences of our genders complete each other.

On that note, where do you stand on green investments? Do you agree investing sustainable is a future success-factor for people and businesses? 


Of course! We have one globe and all of us have the responsibility to hand it over to future generations with at least the same, or even better, possibilities that we have had, and we believe that green investments is the way to go.

At Spiff, we want to remove traditional barriers related to banking and funds. Why do you think these barriers exist in the first place today?

As you mentioned, the finance market has been highly regulated through history, and oligopoly has almost existed. The consequence is that people have given all their trust to professional advisors, which very often is not the best alternative for them. Another thing is that many people feel stupid when they visit the bank due to advisors talking above their customer’s heads.

Internet and social media help us to gain information about personal economy and the traditional banks are challenged by new fin tech enterprises. We definitely think that these markets will develop to something that is more beneficial to the customers than ever before.


We couldn’t agree more! In Sweden, where would you say the gender gap is most visible today?

Without mentioning any specific, there are several professions where gender gaps exist. However, an even more important issue is that we would like to see more female board members in large corporations. Speaking about professions, we support Framtidsfeministen, Sandra Lindqvist (pictured right), a super cool woman only investing in corporations that have an equalized management.

This has also appeared to be very successful. Her share portfolio has increased 28% in value since may 2015.

On a more personal note, how would you describe your relationship with money?

We LOVE money! Not necessarily that we strive to become rich and financial independent, rather that we want to manage our money to reach a harmonic  lifestyle without any financial worries.

What does empowerment of women mean to you?

We believe that when a woman’s economic empowerment is strengthened, it will benefit the whole society, both in our Nordic markets but maybe more clearly in less developed societies. Seeing it from a wider perspective women empowerment can be the key-solution to reach gender equality, reduction in poverty and economic growth.

The more women who venture into the stock market, the greater the influence of women in public companies and ultimately also in society. We, the women, have a chance to create a equal market and at the same time give ourselves a strong economy, so let’s go all in for empowerment of ourselves.


Agreed! On another note….Best personal saving-tip?

Start to analyze your behavior. In order to “find” money to save or invest, you might have to do some changes in your everyday life. For example, eat lunch boxes, use public transportation, eat more vegetarian food or simply skip shopping. Make it a routine to save money as soon as you get your salary.

Plans a head for Aktietjejerna?

We will continue posting to Instagram, Twitter and our Blog. We want to gain more sweet followers at Aktietjejerna, so more people can participate in discussions, support each other and share their stories. One prioritized goal is to find new collaborations with companies and interesting persons in order to make our channels even more interesting and attractive to follow.

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Thanks for reading!

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