A marketplace as sleek as Instagram? Yes please ! 💥Tise💥

A marketplace as sleek as Instagram? Yes please !

At Spiff, we believe in promoting a healthy and sustainable relationship with money.

We immediately fell in love with Norwegian startup Tise, as they promote slow fashion and reselling. The app itself is extremely well designed, and oh-sooo easy to use. No wonder Tise is what everyone wants to be part of these days! The one and only Jenny Skavlan is on board, and the community around Tise is rapidly growing. 

However, how did this adventure start? Who had the idea? Founder Eirik Rime sat down with Spiff for an interview, and we are beyond excited to share his inspiring story with you. Enjoy, share and....download Tise! 

Founded by: Axel Næss and Eirik Rime

Year: Axel and Eirik founded Tise back in 2014, during their time at NTNU in Trondheim. Both of them studied Industrial Economics and Technology Management.

Location: Started in Trondheim, now at Startuplab in Oslo.

Mission: Tise is on a mission to make the world more sustainable by improving second hand trade

Fun Fact: You pronounce Tise the same way as AdverTise! 'Tiiiiise'

Hei Eirik, congratulations on your recent success with Tise! 90 000 downloads huh? Wow! How does it feel?

Thank you, it obviously feels really, really cool! We are very excited. However, we definitely feel the pressure. We need to do even better going forward!

That’s understandable! Can you tell our readers why you started Tise?

Axel and I were both students in Trondheim, when we discovered a mutual frustration.

Tired of a sweatshirt? Throw it out. In need of a desk? Buy a new one. So sad, and obviously not a sustainable way of living! We realized selling and buying used items had to become more tempting. So that’s where we started our work with Tise!

So true...What is the best part about working on Tise today?

Actually, I have so much fun developing our product. We are very lucky to receive constant feedback from our users, which is super useful as we further develop our app. In the beginning, the amount of feedback was almost overwhelming. We get up 40 emails every single day! Luckily, we now know how to make efficient and good use of it all.


The year is going so fast, and 2017 is just a couple of months away! Do you have any specific goals to reach by the end of this year?

Actually, yes. Our goal is to have 100 000 registered users by the end of the year!

We will we cheering all the way! Now tell us, any challenges while working on a startup?

Perhaps the fact that it is sort of hard to ask for advice, when no one has ever walked down the same road as you before. Most of what we do is completely new to all of us, and you sort of hit the ground running and create your own path. However, this is also what makes it very exciting!

How do you feel about the future of Tise after the recent changes and additions to your team?

Jenny Skavlan joined us in March this year, which is very cool! We are so happy to have her on board as a Creative Director, investor and ambassador for Tise. It is also pretty cool to see how other social influencers are starting to discover and get curios about our app, and want to be part of our tribe. We certainly hope to keep growing our number of active users going forward!


At Spiff, we believe in promoting a healthy and sustainable relationship with money. We love that you promote slow fashion and reselling. Do you feel having a ‘green lifestyle’ is getting more important to people in general? We hope so!

We definitely notice how people appreciate the sustainable aspect of being part of the Tise community. The fact that you spend less money when you buy used items is great, but the feeling of acting ‘green’ is hopefully just as good! Or even... better?

Agreed! Now tell us, what are some of the coolest items sold on Tise today?

Believe it or not, but the story behind each item fascinates me the most! A dress worn on the first date? A shirt worn to a Britney concert? So cool for buyers to know! For instance, Jenny Skavlan advertises one of her dresses on Tise by saying ‘this dress used to hang out with the crown-prince of Norway!’. So funny! We made a great point of this in one of our promo-videos.


We hope more of our users get creative with their profiles, and share even better stories going forward!

On a more personal note…Your best saving tip?

Buy used!!

(Editor’s note: SHOCKER!)

All pictures and videos in this article belong to Tise.

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