Eat well, spend less?

Eat well, spend less. Impossible?


We all deserve to eat healthy. How to make that happen financially though, is a different question.

Do I get the organic or regular cheese? Are the cheaper brands less healthy for me and my family? Will I ever have time to pack my own lunch?

Whatever conflict is going on inside your head, you are not alone. Today we are constantly bombarded with opinions, research, news and advertising on food, health and eating habits. At Spiff, we are not specialists on neither nutrition nor advanced cooking. But, we do know a thing or two about the importance of balance and personal finance.

"We know it is good to talk about what we're experiencing, do some research and find inspiration from all around."


Knowing how to save money on food, or how to how fit healthy food into a daily routine and budget, is challenging for many of us. Here's a helpful advice from Karen (30) who lives in Oslo, Norway;

"My best tip is to plan the week ahead. Go grocery shopping, or order everything online. Knowing that you have stocked up fridge will make you feel both tempted and obligated to eat dinner at home. It will also be more fun to pack a lunchbox for work when the ingredients are fresh!"

Also, we spotted another tip from our founder Calle on Instagram earlier this week. He mentioned most stores get their fresh produce on Tuesdays, so you should definitly go do your weekly shopping that day. Also, you can try ordering everything online! Check out Kolonial if you live in Norway, or Fresh Direct / Amazon in the US.

Bottom line is that the internet is packed with inspiration on how to eat well while spending less. We hope you enjoy our favorite BFF'S (Budget-Friendly Food-Blogs), and please... share your tips and thoughts below!