Back to school💡 Reuse 💰 Reduce ♻️ Recycle

Summer is ending and school is about to start up. Whether it is first day of elementary-school or another year in kindergarten, we know many parents feel the pressure to get everything right. Today we are sharing our top tips to help navigate you through a jungle of backpacks, lunch boxes, crayons and iPads! 

Make a list of what you really need.

Make a list and stick to it. The stores will have a few items on sale, but most products are marked up this time of year. Make sure you don't fall flat for the advertising on unnecessary items! Do some research before you go shopping, and don't buy everything at one place just because it feels convenient.

Leave the little ones at home!

'I want this! I want that! ' - Cool! But you can't have it! Sit down with your children before you go shopping, and discuss what they need and want. Not bringing them along will make it a lot easier to turn down wanted, but unnecessary, goods.


Trends or the environment?

Reuse- reduce- recycle. Start the conversation and explain consumer-habits and environment-issues with the kids. We want to save money, but we also want to save the environment. That Disney 'Frozen Lunchbox'... not cool anymore? Explain to your kids how many resources were used to create just this one piece of plastic. Having this type of discussion at a young age can be so giving and important. Click here for some useful advice on this topic by!

Pass down and ask around!

Kids outgrow shoes, clothes and backpacks. No older siblings? Don't be afraid to ask around for used items! It feels great to give away stuff, and with todays social networks, the task is simple. Post - trade- connect!

Shop online 

Search for great deals and do some research. Planning ahead is always a great thing, and a couple of minutes online will help you save a lot of time and money. Even if you are not a fan of online shopping, the internet is definitly a great place to compare different options.

Good luck!

Lykke til!