Bike to work? Join the challenge

Biking to work, is a little bit like Spiff. Fun, easy and affordable.

Start by just doing it one day. It will save you money, burn calories and help the environment. If you live in Norway, this is definitely the right time and season to get started. Too much rain this week? Aim for the next one. Set a realistic goal, and get started.

- Riding my bike to every morning feels so refreshing. I get to enjoy the weather for an extra hour every, and it makes me less frustrated about sitting inside all day working. -Henriette (29) Oslo

Get started:

  • 1. Get a bike! Dont have one already? Borrow from a friend or get one online. In Norway there are 12 000 used bikes for sale right now at, and people even give them away from free. No excuses! Edit; Our founder Calle, just informed us that you can rent a Citybike/ 'Bysykkel', throughout the summer for just 299,- in Oslo.
  • 2. Get a helmet!  We strongly suggest you get a helmet, along with your bike. For obvious reasons.
  • 3. Dont make a big deal out of it. Just do it! Start by trying it one day, and see how you feel. Set a goal to ride 3 out of 5 days a week, and take it from there!

For inspiration and more reasons to ride your bike, check out this cool article by momentum magazine.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

Upload your pictures with #Spiffrides, for a chance to be regrammed by us :-)