Best. Weekend. Ever?


Plans for the weekend? The sun is out, and it is time to get active and enjoy the season. We have found some easy activities for you and your loved ones to try out over the weekend. Pick a favorite and get ready for a fun, affordable and family-friendly day!

And oh! Do you live in Oslo? Check out the local events listed at the end of this article.

  • 1 Visit a new country 

Now that sound complicated? However, it's not! Gather the family and bring out a map. Decide on a country you all know very little about. Colombia? Iceland? Nepal? Make a decision, and find out if there is any local museum, art or movie you could watch related to the this country. No luck? Youtube works perfectly. Do some further research, and find out more about the local cuisine. Discuss together and plan a themed dinner-party! Decide on a tempting dish, go shopping for spices, find some local music online and cook together. Create a little quiz for the children, and end the evening by learning a little bit more about your country of choice. Let us know how it went!

  • 2. Organize a treasure-hunt

Start by planning this activity the night before, so that you can surprise your family in the morning. Decide on a location for the hunt, and create a map. The treasure-hunt can take place in your apartment, outside your house, in a local park or somewhere else. You can either print a map you draw online, or use pen and paper. The last thing you need is a treasure. This can be a few coins, monopoly money, some old (plastic?) jewelry, etc. Be creative! It is an amazing way to play together as a family, as you really get to know your kids a little bit better. The way the communicate and think of smart solutions together is incredible!

Tip. Use a few coins as a treasure, and let your kids take the family out for ice-cream after!

  • 3. Frame the season

Appreciating the different seasons, is a lovely way to enjoy life together with your children. The summer is here, and there are so many beautiful flowers, leaves, butterflies and different objects to appreciate. Go out there, and gather some beautiful things to frame! Dried flowers and leaf clovers make excellent art, and you can continue the activity throughout the summer. Get some affordable frames from IKEA, and... Voila!

Oslo this weekend:

Sesogn hage og musikkfestival

Gratis og koselig moro for hele familien!

Barnas Søndag på Cafeteateret

Gratis forestilling for barn og voksne fra 4 år

Omvisning Bogstad Gård museum

Gratis omvisning i museet, og å hilse på dyrene koster 30,- per barn og 70,- for voksen.


Enjoy, and let us know how it went!

Spiffing love,

The Spiff Team