5 last minute ways to save up for a summer-vacay

Is it June 6th already? That was fast! Have you started planning that summer vacation yet?

If the answer is no, you might have some unforeseen costs coming your way. Here we have listed our top 5 'pre-vacation' money saving tips, and hope to make your situation as smooth as possible!

Save smart for summer
Save smart for summer
  • 1. Make a plan

Before planning that holiday, go through your current spending habits. Anything you can change, pause or eliminate completely? Dig a little deeper and see if there is any membership, Netflix, mobile-plan or subscription you can live without. A friend of Spiff did this recently, and found out she was spending more than 3500 kroner ($400) per month on subscriptions she never even used! E-cookbooks, vitamins and expensive youtube-pilates? No thanks. If your not using it, cut it!

  • 2. Don't eat out

Coffee, water, lunch, dinner and the 'in-betweeners'. Plan your meals and save billions. Almost. People who grocery shop every week, spend less money compared to people who pick up and take-away every single meal. It's usually a lot healthier too! Go ahead and make a meal plan, create your shopping-list and walk out the door.

  • 3. Say no to fun :(

"Ok, this sounds horrible. However, saying no to that invitation now, actually means more fun later."

Your just skipping a few regular good nights, in exchange for something more special. You know deep down it's worth it, because it will feel better and more deserved when that vacation comes around.

Sonar festival in Barcelona anyone?
Sonar festival in Barcelona anyone?
  • 4. Sell something

We all have too much stuff. An old dress, a bag, or even your bedroom dresser. As your already online reading this, I assume you have access to the internet and can start selling straight away. There is actually a new very useful app called OfferUp, which connects you to people in your area instantly. Check it out!

  • 5. Research and explore options

Our final tip is also our most fun and important one. Before actually planning your holiday, do tons of research and explore different options. Where do you want to go? How are you planning to get there? What is the exchange-rate like?

Get more for your money by looking into different options, and try to think of smart solutions. With airbnb, low-cost airlines and smart planning....? The world is your oyster!


Happy Spiffing!
Happy Spiffing!