Meet Spiff!

Meet Spiff! In this category we will update you on the app, share our latest news and introduce you to the Spiff team. How to explain Spiff and what we do? Let's start by introducing you to our founder Calle.



Name: Carl-Nicolai Wessmann

Age: 33

Started Spiff: 2015

From: Oslo, Norway.

Previous work and education: Ex-Schibsted. Ex-Handelsbanken. Harvard Business School and BI Norwegian Business School.

Fun fact: My cat joins me and my dog Billie every evening for our neighborhood walk.

Hi Calle! How are you today?

Great, thanks! This weekend I’m going on my first vacation in three years. Can’t wait!

Wow, enjoy! A minute to tell our readers why you started Spiff before you leave?

Of course! I wanted to bring a real positive change for people and their money.

People have dreams and goals, small and big. People are happy when they save up for a holiday together, save some extra cash for when the washer breaks, save for your children's future, a home together, starting a bakery, you name it. When people work toward goals, they are in control. That feels good.

There are just too many choices out there. Too many banks and advisors talking down to people. But at the end of the day, people have other things to worry about than "beating the market" and maximizing returns.

"So, we decided to reinvent saving"

We thought about how we could have the most impact on the world. How can we really make a difference? We soon realized that banks don’t make products for women - at all. WTF. Digging deeper, we found find that women feel massively let down by the level of quality and service from financial services. This inspired us to start there, and start from scratch. Redesign the whole process of saving, for women.

"Meet Spiff, the world’s first saving app for women"

What is the best part about working on Spiff?

I get to work with smart people with loads of passion every day! How can you not love that. It’s pretty cool that we’re an international startup already. The past months alone, our team represented in Oslo, New York, Ukraine, London, Paris, Seattle and Copenhagen. And people want Spiff, because so far close to 1,000 have signed up for the waitlist! That keeps us working really hard to launch Spiff. Thanks!

Any challenges while working on a startup?

There’s a long list. But if I have to choose one, it has to be combining family life and Spiff. It’s a struggle to manage time. My wife is also an entrepreneur and runs two awesome startups. So we keep busy. The hardest part is to find time to be a couple, be parents and just have time to hang out with our son (2.5 yrs), manage pick-up schedules and get through all the chores at home, and walk the dog. We back each other up and it also helps that we’re both in the startup boat.

How do you feel about joining the world of 'personal finance blogging'?

I was never any good at writing so it’s a little scary, but go big or go home!

And last but not least... Best personal saving tip?

Don’t start a startup… With the odds against us when you know 9 of 10 startups fail, I have spent all my savings on Spiff. I was actually really good at saving before Spiff. Now I’m more often broke than not. But you only live once, and this is my dream. So forget my advice.