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In the Lifestyle-category of our Spiffblog, you will find everything from saving tips to fun family activities. We will also introduce you to people who inspire us at Spiff, and show you great articles related to personal finance. Today, we are sharing our first 'Do it yourself' recipe, and it's something we're very excited about!

DYI 1 : The Spiff Copper Desk


Our Social Media Manager, Ada, is currently living in New York. She recently moved in to her new home, and getting some furniture in is priority number one. What's more important than a bed? A work desk! Ada needs to write for Spiff! The process of looking for the perfect desk, turned into a complete arts and crafts project. Like what you see? Follow our guide, and make your own!


  1. Find the right desk. We found one from IKEA on craigslist (, picked it up and took it home.
  2. Visit (or the hardware-store) and order marble sticker covers, Copper spray-paint and some sand-paper.
  3. Call a friend! Call another friend!
  4. Find Cardboard paper to cover up your surrounding. You don't want to get in trouble for tagging on public property.
  5. Fin an object to practice your spray-painting skills.

Start by going outside to look for the perfect spray-paint location. Keep in mind that spray-paint flies literally everywhere, and that wind... is your enemy. We started this project next to a white car, and realized FAST it was time to move! Use the paper to cover up your surroundings, and simply start by testing the paint on your first object. We turned an old plastic IKEA frame into a beautiful copper frame! When you feel ready to start making this beautiful desk, start by going over the legs with some sandpaper. Just even out the surface, and dont over-do it. A little brush all over is more than enough!

Lay your desk-legs down, and start spraying. Let it dry, turn them, and continue. We did about 5 layers! Set them overnight in a place where they are able to dry off.

When you have finished the legs, it is time to create the actual desk. This is easy. Just evenly use the sticker-marbe on top. Fold it beautifully around the corners, and do this in a calm pace. No need to stress this part! Use your hands and patience!

Attach the legs, and flip it around. You now have a custom-made, affordable and COOL new item to bring home!


Working with Copper-spray and marble-stickers turns out to be highly addictive. We now have a marble air-conditioner? It is very tempting to spray-paint and cover up absolutely everything, so... be strong.

Helping friend Inga-Sofie, before she attacked the jewelry hanger.

Good luck, and let us know how it went!


The Spiff Team