Spiff meets Rikke

Welcome to our first interview! In this Lifestyle-category , you will be introduced to people who inspire us at Spiff. We met up with the highly intelligent Rikke, and were impressed by her kickstart career in the world of finance. Please enjoy our little chat, and follow this space for more interviews and inspiring updates.



Name: Rikke Skyttersæter Iversen

Age: 25

Occupation: Transaction advisor at EY (previous Ernst & Young)

Work experience: Intern DNB Markets and finishing up my 2 year with EY

Education: MsC in Finance from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Current City and place you grew up: Oslo and Oslo (OsLove!!)

Fun fact: I’m a musical theater geek.

Hi Rikke! Thank you for giving Spiff a moment of your time! How are you today?

Well of course! I've had a wonderful morning, thank you. Still on a ‘runners high’ from my interval session on the treadmill (why are they always so freaking hard?), finished a quick breakfast meeting and went through my emails. Now I have the pleasure of a mini-break talking to you !


Very impressed by this tempo! Do you mind starting our chat by telling us a little bit about how you were first introduced to the Spiff app? 

Sure! I actually discovered Spiff through a random Facebook-post one of my friends shared. The post shows one of Spiffs quick company presentations, and for some reason it really caught my eye.

Cool, and now your are on the waitlist to test Spiff!  What are you most excited to find out about when it's ready?

I'm really excited to see how Spiff will make investments more accessible and less frightening to a broader audience. Educated personal finance decisions should be a natural and easy part of your everyday life! You worked hard for that money, take good care of it!

We couldn't agree more! Do you invest and/or save money today? 

Yes, I do both. I think its safe to say I'm above average interested in finance, but honestly I really have a lot of fun with it. Right now I have a small investment portfolio exposed to the stock market, money invested in real estate through my apartment, fund savings and a regular cash savings account in the bank. Got to have some liquidity, stuff happens you know. In my investment portfolio I've bought shares in companies with products, innovation capabilities or strategic values I believe in.

"My investment philosophy is as simple as my outlook on chatty gossip – don’t buy something you know nothing about"


What would you say is the motivation behind your saving?

Making sure I can always take care of myself, and learning something new. Once you own a “piece of the pie” it’s a lot more interesting to pay attention to how the world around you works, stock markets and all.

Thank you Rikke. Last but not least.... Best personal saving tip?

Spend money on time with the people you love. It will skyrocket your happiness more than any pair of heels ever will.