Is water dehydrating your bankaccount ?

Welcome to our first Money-post! In this category, we will talk about spending habits, smart saving, confidence and financial abilities. We love thinking of easy solutions to improve overall personal economy, and hope to share some eye-opening facts while teaching you something new now and then.


Bottled water anyone?

If your anything like me, you enjoy bottled water on a daily basis. And coffee ? or even ...cigarettes?

A single bottle of water in Norway costs about 25 Norwegian kroner on average. A cappuccino? Make that 36,-

Many of us pick up both these items on a daily basis. In the back of my mind, I know it's a very bad habit. However, in the moment theydo feel like necessities. Lovely sparkling Voss so satisfy my dehydration... Is it really that important though?

Change of habit

In order to change an old habit, there needs to be a change in motivation. I know that I really want to go on holiday somewhere tropical this coming winter. I also know this holiday is something I really need to save up for. But how?

I'm gonna start by drinking tapped water.

Every week, I pick up at least 7 bottles of water. Down the road, this adds up to a whopping 175 kroner per week. Add my daily cappuccinos? That's another 252,-

Per month, I spend 700 (!) kroner on water, and another 1008 kroner on coffee... That's a total of 1708 kroner solely spent on alcohol-free drinks....


Realistic about goals

My tropical holiday is taking place in 7 months. If I manage to skip just half of these liquid delights, I'll automatically save 6000 kroner without even setting money a side.

This coming week I have decided to stick to tapped water, while making my coffee at home. Anyone with me to try and do so yourself? Perhaps... even try and get rid of that coffee-addiction while were at it?

Whatever your saving up for, I'm sure there is something you can do to in order to reach your goals faster. Take a few minutes to reflect on your daily spending habits, and ask yourself if there is anything you can do differently. Changing a bad habit can also benefit your health, as much as your economy.

Whatever your saving for, we know it's possible.


Happy Spiffing!

- Ada